10 Quick and Easy Home Cleaning Tips

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10 Quick and Easy Home Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your house is definitely not one of the most exciting tasks you will find. Unfortunately, it is necessary. Whether it’s routine cleaning or cleaning up after guests, learning to clean your house quickly can save you time so you can enjoy more leisurely activities. This guide will offer some quick tips on how to clean your house fast. Once you apply these tips, you will realize that keeping a clean house is not so difficult after all.

1. Bring Your Tools

Keep everything you use to clean your home ready to go in one cleaning caddy, or bucket. You won’t waste time gathering your necessities to start or continue — just bring it with you from room to room. If your home is large, consider creating two or more: one for each level.


2. Say “Goodbye” to the Broom

You don’t have to switch from a broom to a vacuum when you clean. Use a vacuum on all floor surfaces, it’s quicker to use, plus you’ll remove one lanky, awkward tool from the mix.


3. Extend Your Reach

Invest in a 50-foot extension cord for your vacuum. “Plug in once, in the center of the floor, and you’ll be able to vacuum even a large home without wasting time un- and re-plugging.


4. Overlook the Little Things

That thimble collection or brass animal display needn’t get a complete wipedown every single week. Save time by giving yourself the OK to skip the little stuff and instead focus on the big picture. Treating wee things to a good dusting once a month is just fine.

5. Stick to a System

Establish a cleaning pattern to consistently shave time off your cleaning routine. Experts recommend starting each room to the left of the doorway, at the top, and moving clockwise and down. Once you get the hang of your system, you’ll clean speedily on autopilot — and never waste time backtracking.

6. Conquer Clutter

Cleaning goes much more quickly if you don’t have to declutter along the way. Make sure each family member has a catchall spot for personal things. Cubbies, bags, and small laundry baskets all work. They should be emptied regularly. Make a rule: If it’s full, its owner needs to trash, donate, or find a permanent home for all contents.

7. Stash Supplies

To save time on cleaning day, clean as you go whenever possible. To that end, stash a few key cleaning supplies in each room or on each level of your home. When messes happen, it’s a cinch to swoop in, swipe, and move on.

8. Squeegee the Shower

Use a squeegee on the shower walls and door after every use, says Molly Maid president Meg Roberts. This quick, immediate act saves time battling soap scum and water spots later. Bonus tip: Keep the shower door slightly open after use to promote airflow and hamper mildew buildup.

9. Focus

If you truly want to speed-clean, put the phone down. Better yet, tuck it out of sight. And keep the TV off. Focus solely on the task at hand. Multitasking while you clean adds time. Better to get your cleaning done quickly and then move on.

10. Get Help

Cleaning should not be one person’s responsibility. Permanently shorten your own clean time by assigning tasks to family members. Even young kids can pick up, make the bed, and change out hand towels. Make your expectations crystal clear, and trust them!