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Leather Cleaning Dublin

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Leather cleaning dublin, quality leather furniture can last decades, but like almost any investment, it needs proper care and regular maintenance to hold up well. If you spend a lot of money on a car then you would regularly maintain that too just the same way as leather furniture should be maintained. You could get 20 years out of a leather suite if you properly maintain it once a year!

We provide a comprehensive Leather Cleaning Service. This is a safe, no mess – no fuss service where a leather cleanser is applied to remove all soiling from the surface of the leather hide. This is a time consuming process, completed by hand to ensure that your valuable soft furnishing is restored to as close to as-new condition as possible.

Methods of Leather Cleaning

  • We will spend the first few minutes inspecting the leather and testing it to identify the correct cleaner to use.
  • We will skilfully hand-clean your leather furniture and attempt all stain removal.
  • The leather is then re-nourished by the application of our unique leather conditioner.
  • Re-nourishing your suite is much more important than the actual cleaning. It is this that maximises the leathers life.
  • We would recommend you clean your leather suite once a year and treat with a conditioner to help keep your leather soft and supple.
  • Always use a proper leather cleaner as most household cleaners can cause severe damage and lead to costly repairs.

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