Upholstery Furniture Cleaning – Sofas, Couches and Suite Cleaners

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March 27, 2018
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Upholstery Furniture Cleaning – Sofas, Couches and Suite Cleaners

upholstery furniture cleaning

Has your furniture become an eyesore? Dusty, dirty and stained upholstery can make your furniture look tacky, making your home or office very unattractive. Your guests may even be afraid of getting comfortable on the furniture from fear of dirt.

Keeping your furniture’s upholstery clean is a must if you want to have an attractive home or office. The simple fact is that the furniture will get dirty over time, from use and dust. In a busy house with kids and pets, spills and stains on the upholstery are a fact of life.

You need upholstery cleaners in Dublin to keep your furniture looking good and attractive. A good cleaning service leaves your upholstery clean, and smelling fresh.

Deep extraction cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Dublin has advanced cleaning technology in the form of a deep extraction machine with Fiber Rinse. This is a revolutionary technology that allows for deep cleaning of upholstery fabric without getting it liquid soaked. Upholstery cleaned with Fiber Rinse technique can dry in 45-60 minutes, which is very convenient if you are receiving guests unexpectedly, or are in a busy office. Sofa cleaning Dublin using Fiber Rinse technology is safe for kids and pets. This method does not leave a sticky residue on the fabric and is safe for all types of fabrics.

Couch and suite cleaning Dublin services are required at least once a year. Your furniture is constantly accumulating dust even when it is not in use. When in use, it comes into contact with hair grease, sweat, and colour transfer from clothes. Office furniture gets dirty quicker, especially front office furniture which sees a constant stream of guests.

Pet hair removal

Home furniture will also accumulate pet hairs and the occasional pet urine stains. Dogs shed more hair than cats. If you have more than one pet in the house, you require constant pet hair removal from the upholstery. Upholstery cleaners Dublin have specialised techniques in removing pet hairs. You will need professional cleaners if there is someone in the house who is allergic to pet dander.

Protect your furniture

Always keep your leather or vinyl furniture away from harsh sunlight to avoid the upholstery fading out, drying and cracking. Dust barriers on the window prevent excessive dust getting into the house, slowing down the rate of wear of your furniture. Remember that body oils and sweat will stain your upholstery, so cleaning should be done regularly to prevent the stains from becoming permanent. Unwashed stains can also harden and crack leather and vinyl.

Do you need to refresh the look of your furniture? Call Carpet Cleaning Dublin for an efficient, quick and professional couch and suite cleaning service.