Carpet Cleaners Why You Need the Professionals
Carpet Cleaner Dublin: Why You Need the Professionals
August 9, 2017
professional specialised cleaning agents
Specialized Cleaning Agents
September 24, 2017

Specialized Rug Cleaning

Specialized Rug Cleaning

Just like carpets, or fine paintings, rugs also contribute to the authenticity of a well-decorated home. However, unlike fine paintings that are hung on the wall, rugs are usually placed in strategic areas on the floor to liven and decorate the house, so they are stepped on frequently. Area and oriental rugs are a valuable investment that should be protected the same way carpets, and upholstery furniture is protected. That’s why they should be properly maintained and cleaned to remove the dirt, allergens, and the bacteria they trap to ensure that people are not exposed to diseases and infections.

Get the best from professional rug-cleaners

Do you live in Dublin and need a professional rug cleaning company? No need to worry since Dublin’s best rug cleaners, got you covered.

Why you should trust us our rug cleaning service

Our method of cleaning rugs involves using tools, equipment, and technology designed to provide gentle, safe and efficient cleaning of rugs. The same way you wouldn’t trust a mechanic you haven’t worked with before to repair your car, it’s the same case when it comes to rug cleaning. You shouldn’t trust anyone who claims to offer excellent rug cleaning services because not everyone company you come across is qualified for the job. The professionals at are trained to clean all types of rugs from area rugs to expensive persian and oriental rugs, to machine weaved floor rugs or handmade floor coverings. No matter the kind of rug you have, we have specialized tools and equipment to handle different types of materials such as wool, synthetic, cotton, silk, etc.

We are extra cautious in rug cleaning

One of the major concerns most people have about rug cleaning services is that they’ll make their rugs fade. However, our rug cleaning services are not only effective, but they are also gentle and safe to ensure the dye within the fibers of your rug is preserved. The first step during rug cleaning involves removing gritty sand and other embedded soil particles. We know that if grit is not removed frequently, it causes excessive wear and tear on your rug, especially if the rug is in an area where there’s frequent movement. uses gentle, biodegradable soaps to remove dirt and stains and bring out the original vibrant colors and patterns in your rugs. The mild solvents preserve the softness of the fabric and wool and provide a safe environment for your family and pets. For the past 15 years we have provided the best rug cleaning services across Dublin, no wonder we are Dublin’s best rug cleaners. When you hire our services, we guarantee to leave your rug looking better, safer and healthier than we found it.

Specialized Rug Cleaning

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