How to Treat a Carpet Stain or Spillage

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How to Treat a Carpet Stain or Spillage

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In most elegant homes, a clean carpet is the first thing you’ll notice before you go in. However, spills and stains can ruin your carpet’s appearance, and it’s very frustrating. Unfortunately, when it comes to carpet stains and spills, there’s nothing much you can do to prevent them, but you can learn how to treat them. These stains and spills vary from spilled wine to pet accidents to oil and fats, to dirty shoes and many others. If something like this happens, there’s no need to panic since you can learn how to treat the stains and spills from the experts at

Here are tips on how to treat a carpet stain or spill:

Act fast

When an accident occurs in the house, and something spills or stains the floor, you should act promptly. Most manufacturers make carpets that are stain resistant. This should tell you that stain and spillage treatment on carpets should be done immediately so that the dirt doesn’t become permanent.

Blot instead of scrubbing

Scrubbing your carpet using a brush can spread the dirt to other areas and affect the carpet’s texture. The best thing to do is to use ink-free paper towels or a white cloth to soak up the stain. Using colored paper towels or cloths for spillage treatment on carpets can add more stains to the carpet. Lastly, ensure that the stain or spill is completely soaked up before you withdraw the towel.

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Stains are of different types, and they don’t necessarily have to be caused by liquids. Semisolids such as oil and grease also form stains on carpets, and you should also know how to treat them. One of most common mistakes most people make is wiping off the dirt using a piece of clothing. Just like scrubbing, wiping will only spread the stain deeper into the carpet fibers which makes removal more difficult. Instead, use a rounded spoon to scrape the semi-solids off the carpet and then vacuum the area until the stain comes out.

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Applying a stain remover

Before you use a stain removal product on a rug stain, start by testing it on white clothing or paper towels. Applying it directly can cause more damage to the carpet. Carpet stain treatment is not as easy as some people assume, so you should add the recommended drops and use a white cloth to soak it. Lastly, we know stain removal can be stressing if you have a busy schedule, that’s why you should call for the best carpet cleaning services.

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How to Treat a Carpet Stain or Spillage