How to Keep Your Carpets Clean With Pets

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August 27, 2015
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September 14, 2015

How to Keep Your Carpets Clean With Pets

Pets bring joy to our lives but havoc to our carpets.

New pets can add so much joy and excitement to our lives. From the moment we bring home a new pet, nothing will ever be the same again. And this includes our clean, spotless carpet. Review the following tips for advice on keeping your carpets clean with pets.

Start housetraining your pet right away

Start housebreaking your pet the moment you introduce him to his new home. It’s best to begin training house pets when they’re young so they will have an easier time getting into the routine of things. For more advanced training, research nearby trainers and pet training classes. For mischievous pets who like to make messes, considering hiring an in-home obedience instructor to spend some quality time teaching your pooch proper house pet behavior.

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Potty training a new pet

Generally, most puppies can hold their bladder one hour for every month of age. So, if your puppy is 2 months old, you should be taking him or her out at least every two hours. Additionally, you should take your new puppy outside first thing in the morning, after meals and before bedtime. You can reinforce good potty training accomplishments with verbal praise and yummy treats.

Create an emergency stain removal kit

Accidents happen, so have cleaning supplies ready for when they do. To protect your carpet from the common soils and spills of household pets, a product such as Chem-Dry Pet Odor Extinguisher, designed to lift fresh, minor pet odors and stains, can help. (Larger, older pet stains require specialized treatment by a professional carpet cleaner.)

Ongoing care

After all of the hard work of removing stains and training your pets, don’t let it go to waste by tossing home hygiene out the window. Remember to vacuum, dust and wipe all surfaces throughout your home.

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