Cigarette Smell & How To Remove It?

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April 15, 2018
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Cigarette Smell & How To Remove It?

Smoking Bad odour

When leaving the house, however well you handled cleaning if you smoke or you often invited guests’ smokers, then you are facing another problem. The impregnated smell of cigarette smoke! It is true that when cleaning with strong detergents, much of the smell will be gone, but this is not enough. The smoke of the cigarettes tends to drench everywhere, not only in textiles, but also in furniture, even through walls. Airing is not doing enough work. It is therefore necessary to take special measures. And what exactly they may be, you will find below some useful tips how to get rid of cigarette smell.


The Odour of cigarette smoke on upholstery and carpets!


Spray them with a solution of water and lemon juice in a ratio of 2:1. The smell of cigarette smoke on leather sofas you can remove by wiping with a towel soaked in a solution of vodka and water. For floor mats you can use the familiar trick of baking soda,sprinkle, let it stay one night and clear with a vacuum.

Curtains, drapery, tablecloths are these textile elements that are most vulnerable to traces of cigarette smoke. It’s like we deliberately exhaled cigarette smoke directly into them. On the other hand they are the easiest to refresh. If you are smelling smoke on them you only need to wash them in the washing machine, making sure that you add a sufficient amount of aromatic fabric softener.

Wood furniture – tables, chairs, dressers, shelves – get rid of cigarette smoke odour by cleaning them thoroughly with detergent for polished wood. Then repeat with a soft cloth dampened with fabric softener.

The overall smell of smoking will disappear if you leave bowls of citrus juice in several places in the room. Instead the intrusive cigarette smoke in the room will remain fresh, pleasant scent.

If you are annoyed by acidic odours and / or have an intolerance to them, you can use charcoal. You’ll find it in pharmacies. How to apply? Place the charcoal on the ground in the corners of the room and give it time to work through the night. In principle, the method is quite effective, but if there are still traces of smoke in the morning, then repeat the procedure several nights in a row.


Did you know you can get rid of cigarette smell with the scent of vanilla?

If you love vanilla then, there’s another way how to get rid of cigarette smell for you. Soak a few cotton

swabs with vanilla extract and put them in different positions in the room. If you have vanilla pods even better. Break at least two and put them in place of tampons. Both methods work flawlessly.

You don’t have vanilla or you do not like its scent? Well, nothing is lost yet. Repeat the procedure above, but this time deploy bags of coarsely ground coffee. After a while there will be no memory of odours.

Another option is the use of a scented candle. Light one or two such candles and leave them to burn for a time. This trick is quite common and known not by accident. The reason is that the flame absorbs the

smoke of cigarettes. We don’t need to explain the residual nice smell, it is understood. Just be careful when choosing scents. Buy those that are either neutral or at least not sweet. Why? Because you’ll get a mix odour of cigarettes and candle, the result is certainly won’t be satisfying. The best bet is candles with citrus fragrance. The method of flame you can use not only after smoking, but at the moment when it happens.

You can’t control yourself and light a cigarette while cleaning before leaving the house?

It is understandable, though quitting smoking is not accidentally so difficult. But how not to lose the success that you achieved so far? The safest way is to satisfy your nicotine cravings on the balcony. If you

don’t like the idea, at least put special aroma in an ashtray. These you’ll find in most stores for household

goods. In the event that it is too late to go shopping (the cigarette is already smoking), then there are

several options to absorb the tobacco smell.

  • The first way is instead of air freshener in the ashtray, you can put a pad soaked in vinegar. The problem here is that the acidic odour can spoil your pleasure of the cigarette. Just don’t say “What the hell” and don’t remove the cotton because your whole work will go down the drain.
  • The second method to neutralize cigarette smoke is for cat owners. However your dear pets tease you, have ruined the furniture, etc. they will now be very helpful. Take a few stones or granules of the cat litter and put it in the ashtray. It will successfully neutralize the smell. Here’s a freshener, which you can’t find in shops ☺

Well, you already lit a cigarette, you have a freshener in the ashtray, but you’re still worried about the smoke and how far it will spread. Trick that probably didn’t come to your mind is to stick masking tape on the doors. Let’s see now how cigarette smoke will penetrate the whole house! Keep calm, you’ve got this 😉

So, we think already gave you some good ideas of how to get rid of cigarette smell in your home. Don’t forget that if you need some professional help we are here to provide you with our end of tennancy cleaning service.