Caring for your Wool Carpet

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Caring for your Wool Carpet

The natural attributes of branded wool carpets looking good for longer:

  • The naturally scaly surface of wool makes it naturally resistant to soiling. Soil will be held high in the carpet pile where it can be easily removed by vacuuming.
  • Wool has natural elasticity so it stands up to everyday wear and tear and resists unsightly crushing from furniture.
  • Wool has a natural protective outer layer that prevents water-based spills from penetrating into the fiber.

Combined with an effective maintenance plan, these natural attributes make it easy to look after your Wool carpet or rug.

All you have to do is follow the simple steps set out below:


When it comes to keeping your carpet looking good and hygienically clean, you can never vacuum too often. As a rule, vacuum at least once a week, more often in heavy traffic areas. Be thorough – vacuum under furniture, behind curtains and where your carpet meets the wall.

  • Be sure your vacuum cleaner is suitable for your type of carpet. Follow the advice of the carpet manufacturer or your retailer.
  • If your vacuum has a bag, empty it regularly to ensure the vacuum doesn’t lose suction.


Stains can be prevented easily by acting quickly when spills occur. Even when time is not on your side, follow this simple removal process, use the correct cleaning agent, and you’ll be delighted with the difference you can make.


Do not rub or scrub your wool carpet as this can cause permanent pile distortion.